Life's Harsh Realities

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Brown Eyed Beauty
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Life's Harsh Realities

Post by Brown Eyed Beauty » Mon Nov 05, 2007 6:59 pm

A little girl sits on the road side
She looks up, through hungry eyes
And needs someone to hold her close
Through this time of hate and lies.
Every night she curls up in the warmth
Emitted by a passing motor vehicle
The reason she was roaming the streets
Was that people were cruel and fickle.

Who had the right to dump her there
While we sleep in warmth? Is that fair?

A worried mother carries her child
Is he dead, or overcome with dehydration?
There’s no hospital to take him to…
She’s crying and screaming in desperation.
She’s already lost two of her children
To this eternal monster called starvation
A mother’s stomach swells, carrying joy
But the child’s stomach grew with emancipation.

Who had the right to let them waste away?
When we waste tonnes of food every day?

A young woman was dropped off by a taxi
She shivered as she stepped into the cold,
With bruises and bumps all over her tender body
Her face revealed she was barely twenty years old.
She’d been with an important ‘client’ earlier,
Her job was to strip off her respect and dignity
She had to support her family with her earnings
This cycle of helplessness was set for infinity.

Who had the right to give her a burden so great?
When we spend our youth clubbing until late?

Will you walk away and forget about this?
No one has the right to steal these people’s liberties.
Is it right for us to live in such luxury and bliss?
Whilst others face life’s harshest realities?
The world's not getting smaller, there's just less in it.

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Post by That_Kid » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:08 pm

damn that's good! and deep! one of your best pieces! i like! (woo im the first to comment!! :oops: )


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Post by cuzzy » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:22 pm

Daymm Ana smashing her talent likeee :shock::shock:
now i know why Fatty eats all our leftovers :oops:...
on a serious note tis a really good poem and as Ana ses
tehehe well done Ana banana(Y) j'ai suis is proud to tell you that i luff it
hope that made sense:$

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